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“Frasier of the Cubicles”
Dr. Greg KetchumDr. Greg Ketchum is a former clinical psychologist-turned CEO and media career coach. A unique mix of psychology and coaching expertise gives Dr. Greg a great understanding of people and what it takes for career success. MORE..

Dr. Greg is the “KRON 4 (San Francisco) Workplace and Career Expert”

Featured Segments:
•  A Green Job May Be in Your Future
•  The Future of Employee Benefits

Formerly hosted a weekly 2 hour call-in/interview show

Dr Greg’s New Book:
In Trapped in the Big Easy, Dr. Greg Ketchum provides a riveting you-were-there eyewitness account of the chaos, danger, and colossal leadership failures in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Trapped in the Big Easy

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Targeting Your Job Search
Step 1 : Identify 5 Companies You Want to Work For
Identify 5 companies you want to work for and research them including how they make money, what their top business challenges are, who is the competition and what might the competition be doing better than they are, etc. Identify solutions you could bring to the company's business challenges.