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Executive Talent Assessment
Executive Talent Assessment

We bring our recruiting, coaching and team building expertise to bear in providing an assessment of the executive talent needs of our client companies. We have deep knowledge and experience in how to identify, bring on and integrate top talent into your organization. We meet with the CEO prior to bringing on new talent in order to assess the executive talent needs of the organization before they ever spend a dime on recruiting.

Specifically, our executive talent assessment provides…

  • A strategy for bringing on executive talent that aligns with and supports achieving the business goals of the organization.
  • A clear definition of roles & responsibilities (in order to avoid “overlap”) for each member of the executive team including how they are expected to work together to insure cross-functional teamwork.
  • A clear “hiring checklist” for what the company is looking for in each executive team member they’ll be recruiting.
  • A clearly defined process for how the organization will work with a recruiter, which includes how candidates will be handled internally.
  • Identification of any organizational factors that might cause failure once the talent is on board along with recommendations on how to resolve them.
  • Competitive intelligence on the financial and compensation factors to make for not only a successful hire, but a successful run at that company.
  • An assessment of the current executive team talent including any training needs that may exist.

We strongly believe that conducting an executive talent assessment prior to bringing on new executive talent saves our clients time, money, and most importantly sets the stage for tapping the full potential of each new hire.

We offer our executive talent assessment as a stand-alone service or in combination with taking on a recruiting assignment for a client.


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