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Benefits - Coach-on-Demand Learning and Development Series Podcasts

Employee Survey Results

In a recent survey conducted by one of our client companies of employees who had listened to several of our podcasts we found...

  • 94% said they would be interested in listening to more of our learning and development podcasts in the future.
  • 85% considered the podcast lengths to be “just right.”
  • 94% said they’d recommend our podcasts to coworkers.
Only 38% reported that they had downloaded any learning, skill development or coaching podcasts prior to listening to ours.

Benefits of TalentPlanet’s Coach-on-Demand Series Podcasts®

  • Empowerment Made Manifest: While many organizations profess a commitment to the idea of empowerment, our podcasts provide staff easy access to knowledge that truly empowers them to resolve challenges at their level. Empowerment without the knowledge or tools to wield it is only empty rhetoric.

  • Driving Responsibility and Initiative Taking Down: Our podcasts are aimed at driving responsibility and initiative taking down and across the enterprise. Our message is simple: rather than waiting on someone else to fix a problem that is impacting you, take responsibility and the initiative to solve it yourself.

  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills: Each of our podcast episodes is modeled on an executive coaching session so that we not only provide solutions and action steps, but we also challenge the listener to critically think through the topic at hand in order to both develop their critical thinking skills and find their own answers.

  • Identification and Resolution of Productivity Blocks and Morale Busters: A majority of the workplace situations our podcasts are based on aren’t addressed in training classes. In that way, our podcasts give employees the tools that enable them to identify and resolve those productivity blocks and morale busters that otherwise just don’t get addressed.

  • An Executive Coach on Call: Our podcasts enable an entire employee population to have easy access to the specialized knowledge and experience that someone who has been working for over twenty years as an executive coach, psychologist, leadership expert and team developer can share.

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