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Targeting Your Job Search

Step 1:

Identify 5 Companies You Want to Work For:
Identify 5 companies you want to work for and research them including how they make money, what their top business challenges are, who is the competition and what might the competition be doing better than they are, etc. Identify solutions you could bring to the company's business challenges.

Step 2:

Network Into Your Target Companies:
Send out emails, put out calls to your network to find people who know people working at one of your target companies. Get on the phone with them for research, informational interviews, and referrals to internal hiring managers. A "warm lead" is always better than a "cold call."

Step 3:

Define Your Top 3 Skills/Assets:
Define the top 3 skills and/or assets you bring to the table? How can you help this company? Write an outline and practice saying it out loud so you can get comfortable when you get someone on the phone.

Career Advice

Dr. Greg is the ôKRON 4 (San Francisco) Workplace and Career Expert”

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