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Getting a Summer Job

Create Your own Job/Internship:
Nothing looks better to a future employer than a "go-getter" who takes the initiative and creates their own job. Here are some ideas.

Child Care:
Get a group of your friends together who have child care experience. Next talk to your parents and network to other parents in their circle who need child care. Put together a schedule of who's available when, match that with the parent's needs and be the "supervisor." You've now created your own business and managing people is a highly prized skill in today's economy.

Other Areas:
Do the same thing for lawn care, computer maintenance, pool maintenance, dog walker, or create a "personal assistant" network.

Do your research and Network:
You can also be looking for a summer job at the same time. Do a Google search for "summer jobs." Network with friends, relatives, parents and their friends. I remember knocking on doors.

Go to Work for Your Parents:
One of the advantages of operating your own business is hiring family members. Tremendous tax advantages if you work for a parent.

Wages for a child under age 18 who works for his or her parent (sole proprietorship or a partnership in which each partner is a parent of the child) are not subject to social security and Medicare taxes. Wages for a child under age 21 who works for his or her parent are not subject to federal unemployment tax act (FUTA) tax. Payment for the services of a child are subject to income tax withholding, regardless of age.

The wages for the services of a child are subject to income tax withholding as well as social security, Medicare, and FUTA taxes if he or she works for:

  • A corporation, even if it is controlled by the child's parent,
  • A partnership, even if the child's parent is a partner, unless each partner is a parent of the child.

Even if your parents don't own their own business, see what jobs you can do for them. Paint the house, clean out the garage, etc.

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