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Outsource Yourself from Your Current Employer

Why Do It:

  1. It's a good time. Employers are open to any ideas that can save them money, improve efficiency or boost bottom line.
  2. It's a great way to get a consulting business started. You've got a guaranteed first client.
  3. Strike while the iron is hot. If the handwriting is on the wall that changes are coming, take control of your life.

Factors to Consider:

  1. This is not for everyone. Consider if you have an entrepreneur inside of you and you've got the resources.
  2. Negotiate with your employer like they are a client. You're making a business proposition, not asking for charity.

The How:

  1. Do Your Research: Find others who've done it. Research how it could save your company money, improve efficiency, or boost the bottom line. Figure out what you need to make it work, then as a rule of thumb add 10-20%.
  2. Have a Plan: Put a business plan together for yourself. There's a book called the "One Page Business Plan." Get a copy. How will you get more clients, what sort of financing do you need, where will you work, etc.?
  3. Make Your Pitch: Put together your pitch and practice it. Be sure that you're ready for this and that it's the road you want to take.
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