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Career New Year's Resolutions

Action Steps

  1. Set Two Career Goals: Set a minimum of two career goals for the first quarter 2005. Define action steps and target dates & then meet with your partner each quarter to review goals and set new ones for the next quarter.
  2. Set a Networking Goal: Set a goal of adding two people a month to your professional network and of offering to help a minimum of two folks a month.
  3. Set a Goal of Acquiring Two New Skills: Learn two of the fundamental skills required to advance your career such as sales, negotiation, writing, finance, public speaking, or time management.

If All Else Fails And You've Blown It

  1. Starting Over: If you blow it in the first month, look at where you failed, adjust accordingly and start over.


Career Advice

Dr. Greg is the “KRON 4 (San Francisco) Workplace and Career Expert”

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