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Career New Year's Resolutions

Action Steps
In order to move toward building career security for yourself, take these 3 action steps.

Step 1:

Get Your Network in Shape: We've talked about the importance of networking.

Get back to everyone who's helped you and let them know how much you've appreciated their help.

  • Set a goal of adding one person a week to your network.
  • Set a goal of offering to help minimum 2 folks a month.

Step 2:

Start a Career Management Group: Get together with a friend and start your own career management group. Each of you invite 2 other people to the group and meet once a month. Activities include...

  • Review each other's resumes and give constructive feedback
  • Report in on your career goals, such as adding to your network
  • Do career research on different workplace trends and new skills

Step 3:

Develop Your "Fundamentals" Skill Set: Do reading or take classes to learn some of the fundamental skills required to build your career security such as...

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Consulting
  • Communication
Career Advice

Dr. Greg is the “KRON 4 (San Francisco) Workplace and Career Expert”

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