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Improving Meetings

Reasons to Hold a Meeting

  1. To do something together that you can't do better alone.

  2. When two-way communication is required by a team.

  3. When a decision or course of action needs to be taken by a team.

Reasons Not to Hold a Meeting

  1. If the one-way information share can be covered in email, memo or report.

  2. Because this meeting is a long-standing regularly scheduled meeting.

  3. Someone wants to toot their own horn in front of the manager & team.

How to Run an Effective Meeting

  1. Don't meet. Ask if a meeting is the best way to accomplish the goal.

  2. Define a clear objective for the meeting beforehand.

  3. Define and circulate an agenda beforehand. Include meeting objective, topics, time required, who's responsible, and expected outcomes.

  4. Nominate a facilitator, scribe and time-keeper.

  5. Drive all discussions towards defining action steps.

  6. Make liberal use of a "parking lot."

  7. Start and end on time.

How to Get Out of A Meeting You've Been Asked to Attend

  1. If it's your boss, say "yes", but ask which of your assignments he/she'd like you to put off to attend, or suggest a better way to achieve the boss's goal.

  2. If it's a peer, unless it's critical that you be there say "no," but offer to help them achieve their meeting objective in some other way.

  3. If a meeting you've been asked to attend doesn't have a stated objective, suggest that an email or memo be sent instead.

If All Else Fails And You Have to Go to That Waste-of-Time Meeting

  1. Suggest that the meeting be a standing-only meeting.

  2. Suggest using a bell that anyone can ring when someone starts to ramble.

  3. Take other work to do, but make sure you have a clipboard or folder that you can hold on your lap to work in, sit on the outskirts of the meetings.
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