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Managing Your Boss

  1. Success lies in managing expectations & priorities: Have a meeting to determine what your boss expects of you and what s/he sees as the priorities of your role. Write it down. Manage to expectations.

  2. Learn how to communicate & deliver news: How does your boss prefer news? Email, vm, memo, in person? Do they want details or overview?

  3. Come up with solutions, not problems: If you've got an issue or problem, go to your boss with a couple of solutions, not just the problem.

  4. Learn how to sell your ideas: To get what you want & get your ideas accepted you've got to learn how to "sell," or make the case for them.

  5. Help your boss to be successful: This is one of your main goals. If your boss is successful, you'll most likely be successful.
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Dr. Greg is the “KRON 4 (San Francisco) Workplace and Career Expert”

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