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Holiday Office Party Survival Guide   

Dr. Greg Ketchum, 11/27/04

The season of holiday office parties is upon us so it’s time to brush up on your holiday office party etiquette. Holiday office parties are events that can help you advance your career and leave a favorable impression or can sink it quicker than the Titanic hitting that huge iceberg. Let me give you some tips on navigating your way through the holiday office party scene so you can avoid hitting a career killing iceberg.

First, here are some examples of critical mistakes and key success factors concerning holiday office parties.

3 Critical Mistakes

  1. Drink too much.
  2. Blow off the party.
  3. Talk business the entire time.

3 Key Success Factors

  1. Remember, it’s an OFFICE social event, not a party.
  2. Introduce yourself to people you don’t know, especially the big boss.
  3. Demonstrate that you can handle business social situations with grace

Here are some action steps to help you successfully navigate your way through the annual holiday office party.

Action Steps

  1. Set a Networking Goal: Identify individuals who could influence your career or next project and introduce yourself. Offer to be a resource for them.
  2. Be Professional & Upbeat: Be on your best professional behavior & don’t forget that your behavior is being observed. Don’t gossip, whine or brag.
  3. Be Gracious & Show Appreciation: Thank your coworkers for their help during the past year and be sure to thank the person responsible for putting on the party.

If All Else Fails And You’ve Blown It

  1. Monday Morning Groveling: Be sure to get in bright and early Monday morning in order to start your round of groveling and apologies.

Following these simple action steps can move your career forward and keep you from hitting a career ending iceberg.

If you’ve got work or career topics you’d like to see us address just send me an email at drgreg@talentplanet.com.

Additional Resources

If you’ve got work or career topics you’d like to see us address just send me an email at drgreg@talentplanet.com.

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