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Temporary Jobs

Dr. Greg Ketchum, 7/10/04

Even though the economy is picking up I want our viewers to keep the option open of taking a temporary job. It can be a great choice in uncertain economic times like these or can even be a great lifestyle choice. Let’s talk about some statistics and then the pro’s & con’s of taking a temp job.

Let’s Look at Some Statistics First

  1. The largest employer in the U.S. is Manpower, the temporary staffing firm, and 20% of their growth is in placing white collar workers in temp jobs.

  2. In 2003, Manpower placed 431,000 people into temporary jobs in the US and had a temp-to-perm hiring rate of about 40%, the industry average.

  3. Temp hiring is picking up faster than full-time. The number of people who found work through temp agencies increased 9.7% this March over last March.

  4. There’s still uncertainty in the jobs picture as only 120,000 jobs were created in June instead of the expected 240,000. Some reluctance to hire.

The Pro’s of Taking a Temp Job:

  1. Rise in temp-to-perm hiring, starting as a “try out.” Foot in the door.

  2. Chance to “try” the company out and see how you like it.

  3. Get to try consulting and see if you like the idea of working for yourself.

  4. An opportunity to network and grow your professional network.

  5. Can still be out there looking for a job, but now looking internally as well.

The Con’s of Taking a Temp Job:

  1. No benefits.

  2. Little to no job security.

  3. Spotty availability of temp jobs.

  4. You’re an “outsider” and may be treated as such.

  5. May not have access to internal job postings.

Even though the economy is picking up it’s still a good strategy to consider a temp job as it can lead to a full-time offer if you do your best and really show the company your stuff. I’ve seen companies create positions for really great people, so get out there and give it your all. What have you got to lose?

If you’ve got work or career topics you’d like to see us address, just send me an email at drgreg@talentplanet.com.

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