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Retreat Facilitation
Retreat Facilitation

RETREAT Planning and Facilitation:
We provide planning and facilitation for a wide variety of corporate and board retreats and meetings including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Improving tactical execution
  • New team or board start-up
  • Team building
  • Recalibration of business objectives
  • Breaking out of fire fight mode

Before the Retreat: We work with you well before the meeting in order to…
• Insure that a retreat is necessary and the purpose of the meeting is clarified
• Identify and invite all key participants
• Interview all participants to identify key issues and challenges to be acted upon at the retreat
• Prepare an executive summary of all key issues and challenges
• Draft an agenda that includes topics, timeline and the person responsible for each agenda item

During the Retreat: We work to…
• Keep the team focused on the task at hand and driving for results
• Encourage creative thinking & full member involvement
• Use a “parking lot” for issues that arise which are not germane to the agenda
• Form working sub-groups to tackle issues best addressed by a small group
• Assign action items, deadlines and responsible parties for follow-up on each retreat decision taken

After the Retreat: We…
• Meet with the team leader to debrief the meeting
• Insure that a follow up plan is in place and acted upon
• Gather feedback from all team members on how to improve their team process
• Draft a summary that includes key issues discussed, decisions taken, action items by owner, deadlines, and date of the next meeting that all team members receive
• Insure the team's daily efforts are closely aligned with achieving business goals

Points to Ponder
“Get your facts first, and then you can distort 'em as much as you please.”
Mark Twain

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