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Retreat Facilitation
Retreat Facilitation

RETREAT Planning and Facilitation:
We provide planning and facilitation for a wide variety of corporate and board retreats and meetings including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Improving tactical execution
  • New team or board start-up
  • Team building
  • Recalibration of business objectives
  • Breaking out of fire fight mode

Before the Retreat: We work with you well before the meeting in order to…
• Insure that a retreat is necessary and the purpose of the meeting is clarified
• Identify and invite all key participants
• Interview all participants to identify key issues and challenges to be acted upon at the retreat
• Prepare an executive summary of all key issues and challenges
• Draft an agenda that includes topics, timeline and the person responsible for each agenda item

During the Retreat: We work to…
• Keep the team focused on the task at hand and driving for results
• Encourage creative thinking & full member involvement
• Use a “parking lot” for issues that arise which are not germane to the agenda
• Form working sub-groups to tackle issues best addressed by a small group
• Assign action items, deadlines and responsible parties for follow-up on each retreat decision taken

After the Retreat: We…
• Meet with the team leader to debrief the meeting
• Insure that a follow up plan is in place and acted upon
• Gather feedback from all team members on how to improve their team process
• Draft a summary that includes key issues discussed, decisions taken, action items by owner, deadlines, and date of the next meeting that all team members receive
• Insure the team's daily efforts are closely aligned with achieving business goals

Points to Ponder
“What is required ... is a vision of what we really want, both in terms of business results and how we want to work together, and a ruthless commitment to telling the truth about our current reality.”
Peter Senge

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